RAASM System Lubrication Single Line


RAASM has the most complete range of products for lubrication and the dispensing of fluids. The aim is to always respond fully to the questions of our customers and meet all their needs.


The single-line decompression lubrication system consists of an independent pump assembly which delivers the lubricant (oil
or grease) to direct response volumetric distributors (injectors) through the main line.

System operation occurs through two phases:
1 – Injector filling (the system is not under pressure)
2 – Dispensing of the lubricant (the system is under pressure)

Each injector can be adjusted to deliver different amounts of lubricant. The pump assembly is equipped with a device (discharge valve) which enables rapid decompression of the system immediately after the action of the injectors. The system pressure and the configuration of the injectors in parallel enable the feeding of even very large centralized systems and with a high number of user points. Verification of operation for each cycle is possible through control of the pressure. Lubricating oils from 40 cSt and greases up to NLGI 2 can be used.

The pumps feeding these systems can be:
– air-operated pumps C15F for standard and rechargeable drums
– air-operated pumps C15F with 10 litres tank
– electric pumps C15S (with radial pistons – max. 4)
– electric pumps C15B18 (with radial pistons – max. 4)

Management and control of the system occurs through the application of modern electrical and electronic equipment (PLC, level sensors, microswitches, pressure switches).