FireClass is a revolutionary new class of commercial fire detection products. FireClass consists of a comprehensive range of fully approved quailty products designed and manufactured in Europe. FireClass is designed to appeal to both the end user and installer with the latest fire detection technology packaged in an easy to install, out-of-the box, digital open-protocol solution.

A new class of fire detection designed to meet all of
your needs from a single supplier.


Comprehensive range

FireClass provides a broad range of detection solutions. FireClass conventional fire detection products range from the low-cost Duo-CEL 2  zone panel to the powerful and expandable 32-zone Precept EN Panel. These are complemented by an enviable range of conventional fire detectors and accessories focused on providing comprehensive protection and minimum false alarms. FireClass addressable fire detection product range from the easily installed out-of-the-box FC501 to the 4 Loop FireClass 64 and FireClass 240 networked open protocol fire panels with optional FireClass Graphics. FireClass  addressable uses a powerful digital open protocol for high reliability and flexibility in installation.