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Fire Risk Management Solutions Africa

Fire Risk Management Solutions

Via its partner, Rural Metro Emergency Management Services, Advanced Fire Global is able to offer a comprehensive Fire Risk management solution. Of particular interest to our customers across Africa are the “Site-specific” risk management and Firefighting products and services, namely:

  • Risk surveys and assessments
  • Fire prevention
  • Site firefighting services
  • Trained personnel
  • Site disaster management planning
  • High risk standby services
  • Fire rescue response
  • Emergency Evacuation plans and drills
  • Hazardous spill control
  • Firefighting fleet and equipment

Benefits With Our Service

Pursuing fire prevention is our prime strategy, and Zero harm is our desired outcome. Key to our success is world-class training and education for our employees and clients.
We focus on delivering professional services, critically analysing our customer’s risk in order to incorporate it into the dynamics of the solution we offer.

For more information on the Rural Metro products and services available through Advanced Fire Global, contact sales@advancedfireglobal.com

Industrial Fire Logo

mitigate industrial risks across sectors

IF&HC has partnered with WF&HC which has responded worldwide to land and marine-based flammable liquid fires, building a history of successful interventions — in many cases doing what our contemporaries thought to be impossible.

This service offers a full range of equipment, fire-fighting foams, fire-fighting expertise and in-house knowledge to mitigate industrial risks that your company might face. 

Via its associated company, INDUSTRIAL FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL, Advanced Fire Global is able to respond to land and marine based flammable liquid fires with a full range of equipment, firefighting foams, firefighting expertise and in-house knowledge to mitigate industrial risks that our customers in the following sectors may face:


The biggest incidents have been subdued by the Industrial Fire and Hazard Control tactics and tailored equipment and extinguishing agents, all developed specifically for these challenges.

One of the most vital assets Industrial Fire & Hazard Control brings to bear on any incident is experience. EXPERIENCE shapes everything we do… From assessment to foam testing, from incident command to equipment design, deployments result in strategies, tactics, and proprietary equipment with an unrivalled record of achievement in the field.

Medical Emergency Management Services


Medi Response provides an on-location Emergency Medical Service solution that is specifically designed for companies operating in remote areas. We staff and manage primary care clinics and medical centres, equipped to deal with routine staff healthcare, as well as any medical emergency, ensuring the health and safety of those on-site in the absence of nearby definitive care.

Medi Response is fully aware of the relevant protocols and risks associated with remote and industrial sites. The flexible, agile, and integrated nature of our operating model allows it to adapt to the location, size, and scope of any remote site project while taking specific needs into account, and devising bespoke medical support and management solutions that suit your site and its demands. Some of the challenges faced by people working on remote sites include dealing with austere and removed geographic locations, constantly changing environmental conditions, local regulations, challenging work conditions, and even political instability.


Because people come first in everything we do, we prioritize the maintenance of on-site health and well-being above all else. Medi Response provides our clients with dedicated Emergency Medical Services in remote locations where formal medical facilities are too far away or where the existing medical infrastructure is inadequate for the needs of our clients.

Able to deploy mobile medical units and portable or semi-permanent medical clinics and hospitals, Medi Response provides a fully stocked, turnkey solution that includes medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, consumables and, most importantly, qualified medical professionals.

For more information on the Medi response services available in Africa, contact Advanced Fire Global at sales@advancedfireglobal.com  or complete the form below.