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ANSUL Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Excavators, tunnel boring machines, harvesters, transit buses and other heavy machines work around the clock, often in rugged, hazardous environments. Highly flammable fuels, oils and hydraulic fluids flow through pressurized lines within inches of super-heated en- gine blocks, manifolds and turbocharges. With ANSUL A101, LVS, LTA and the Twin Agent Fire Suppression System, however, protection is assured, 24-hours-a-day, 365 days-per-year.

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ANSUL® LVS NF-40 Non-Fluorinated Liquid Fire Suppression

  • Less agent – Less hardware is needed for installation on a vehicle, resulting in lower weight, lower space requirements and streamlined installation.
  • No measuring or guessing – Recharge quickly and efficiently with premixed agent containers and external pressure cartridges
  • No new hardware – Simply drop agent replacement into existing ANSUL® LVS fire suppression systems.
  • No annual agent replacement – Change it only at tank pressure test intervals.

Your mobile equipment is what drives your operations. ANSUL® NF-40 LVS Non-Fluorinated Liquid Suppression Agent helps to keep it moving by suppressing fires quickly, cooling surfaces and reducing equipment downtime – all without using any perfluorinated chemicals. It’s a new, non-fluorinated solution that can replace existing foam vehicle fire suppression agents.

The LVS NF-40 Non-Fluorinated Agent is a mix of special ingredients that help protect against freezing temperatures as low as -40°C / -40°F. This mixture also has properties that help it to stick to surfaces, like conventional Class B liquid agents. But unlike those agents, it does not contain Per- and Poly-Fluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS).

The liquid suppression agent can flow into areas that are hard to reach. This is the same path where flammable liquids may have flowed. The agent suppresses fire. It also helps to prevent reflash. This happens when the agent forms a blanket over the fuel. The blanket keeps oxygen out. The water and chemical compounds in the agent also help to cool the fuel and heated surfaces.

LVS NF-40 Non-Fluorinated Agent is part of the ANSUL fire suppression system designed to suppress fires in mobile equipment used in a wide range of industries, underground and surface mining, forestry/logging, construction, waste management, metal processing, transportation, power generation, agribusiness, and others.

What is a pre-engineered system?

A pre-engineered system uses pre-designed components to eliminate the need for engineering work beyond the original product design. In the case of Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems all the main components are pre-engineered; such as the agents tanks, actuators, detection and distribution components.

All these components are built into a system that is tested against specific standards to operate within specific parameters and then approved accordingly by an approved testing authority. The pre-engineered components are then supplied to approved and trained authorities to install such components onto equipment as a complete system.

Why this Vehicle Fire Supression System?

In every mining operation, the machinery is at the heart of that operation. If your equipment is damaged or disabled by Fire, your productivity would be negatively impacted.

With our tailor-made fire suppression systems, which have been proven and tested to the highest international standards, the risk of fire to your equipment will be kept to a minimum. Ensuring that your operation runs without any loss of production due to fire.

With our fully trained personnel and our knowledge of the harsh mining environment throughout Africa, we can assure our clients of 24/7 support throughout the African Continent.

The Ansul Vehicle Fire Suppression System has the latest technology in automated vehicle Fire Suppression. The fully monitored automatic detection systems not only monitor the system 24/7 but also record the last 5000 events.

The LVS Fire Suppression system agent provides both fire suppression and superior cooling of superheated surfaces while blanketing the fuel and cutting off oxygen to help prevent re-flash.

It flows readily into hard-to-reach areas along the same path flammable liquids may have followed.

With our integrated electronic maintenance module, our clients can have peace of mind that their assets are regularly maintained. Pre-scheduled alerts and maintenance planning modules allow for minimal downtime and precise planning in executing the required Maintenance Modules.

Electronic maintenance reports allow for regular reviewing of the work being conducted and can be integrated with your stock management system.

We take pride in every installation of our client’s equipment and ensure our clients of not only a superior product but a solution that is fit for every mining operation.