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mitigate industrial risks across sectors

Via its associated company, INDUSTRIAL FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL, Advanced Fire Global is able to respond to land and marine based flammable liquid fires with a full range of equipment, firefighting foams, firefighting expertise and in-house knowledge to mitigate industrial risks that our customers in the following sectors may face:


The biggest incidents have been subdued by the Industrial Fire and Hazard Control tactics and tailored equipment and extinguishing agents, all developed specifically for these challenges.

One of the most vital assets Industrial Fire & Hazard Control brings to bear on any incident is experience. EXPERIENCE shapes everything we do… From assessment to foam testing, from incident command to equipment design, deployments result in strategies, tactics, and proprietary equipment with an unrivalled record of achievement in the field.

Portable Fire Pump fire fighting
Portable Fire Attack Trailer
Portable Fire Striker fire fighting

We have the full range of equipment, fire fighting foams, fire fighting expertise and in-house knowledge to mitigate industrial risks that you might face.